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The Best of T O K I D O "The Murder Face". All of the clips seen on this video are taken from matches originally uploaded on my channel, the original "Replay Channel" with over 3,000 matches. Check out Tokido's playlist.

1st vs Myxomatosis [Gief] 2nd vs charysmasato [Adon] - "Karichin" at Japanese Arcades, 5th highest ranked Adon 3rd vs kimrandy [Fei] - 4000-5000 PP level Fei player 4th vs Papatiwawa [Guy] - 5000 PP level Guy player, well known commentator in Japan 5th vs ACE・EIRIN [Guile] - currently #3 Guile in Japan Arcade Ranking System 6th vs ACQUA [Sagat] - #2 Cammy in Japan Arcade Ranking System 7th vs kyotojin [Guile] - One of Japan's best Guile players 8th vs HIROPON [Seth] - 4000-5000 PP Seth player 9th vs Cab [Balrog] - 4000 PP, Well known Japanese Boxer player 10th vs KichijyojiKEN [Ken] - #3 Ken in Japan Arcade Ranking System 11th vs t alloy body [Viper] - 5000 PP Viper player 12th vs Uryo [Sakura] Needs no explanation really, but #3 Sakura, #10 Viper in Japan Arcade Ranking System 13th vs ACE・EIRIN [Guile] - #3 Guile in Japan Arcade Ranking System 14th vs AFG [Sagat] 5000 - 6000 PP, Well known Japanese Sagat player

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